Orphans and Vulnerable children in Uganda.

1. Question: What is the definition of an “orphan” according to the Ugandan government?

Answer?: The basic definition of an orphan is a child whose parents are deceased.However, for purposes of interpreting the LAW, an orphan is a child who has no one to take care of him or her.

2. Question: What are common causes of a child being orphaned?

Answer?: Children are orphaned for a varied of reasons. Death of parents due to diseases, political instabilities, starvation, lack of medical care etc.

3. Question: Why are there non orphans living in orphanages?

Answer: This is an unfortunately situation.However,non orphans like in orphanages for several reasons. On the part of the child’s family the reason are mainly due to any of the following.
-Poverty: Parents voluntarily relinquish their children to orphanages because they cannot afford to take care of them.
-Ignorance: Some parents are illiterate and sign off their parental rights to orphanages without knowing the implication of this action.
-Diseases: Parents may have illness like HIV/AIDS and are unable to provide proper care to their children.

Question:What are Kazira Projects?

1.Clean water for all
2.Sponsorship Program
3.Women Micro-finance
5.Feed Kazira Kids Program
6.Computer studies
7.Modern Agriculture
9.School trips
10.Swimming Program
11.Adult Skills training
12.Renewable source of energy
13.Prevention of HIV/AIDS from Mother-to-Child transmission
14.Computer studies

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